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In a meeting of television minds, Rachel Maddow sat down with Jon Stewart for a discussion on extremism, violence and kitchenware. The MSNBC host appeared on The Daily Show to discuss her upcoming behind-the-scenes look at Timothy McVeigh, the Oklahoma City bomber. After Stewart remarked he wanted "to pull [McVeigh's] throat out through his face," Maddow one-upped him with a violent urge of her own.

I feel the same way about Bin Laden. I believe I could kill Osama Bin Laden with a spoon.

When the discussion shifted from visceral violence to the rise of extremism, Maddow offered two simple rules for politicians who engage in overheated rhetoric: "Don't lie--or expect to get called out when you lie, and don't threaten to shoot people or encourage the shooting of people."

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