9 Mixes Worth Listening to This Week


-It's April 29th, meaning the L.A. uprisings are now old enough to vote. Here's something I wrote a while back for eMusic about Rodney King, watching the riots on TV, and Death Row records.

-...and the tributes and salutes to Guru don't stop. Two hours of nothing but Gang Starr from his former partner, DJ Premier. DJ Superix with a Guru-themed 12x12 mix (d/l) for Southern Hospitality.

-A "classy, trasy, easy, breezy" mix from Chairman Mao featuring a bunch of records you've never heard of, but will soon desperately want. (d/l)

-Speaking of classy: Recloose browses through his jazz collection for the latest installment of Hit It and Quit It. (d/l)

-Streaming @ Meatskull, a tribute to house music legend Larry Heard.

-Someone is running a tumblr devoted to songs used in the HBO/David Simon series Treme. A crash course in the traditions of New Orleans, basically. Related, kind of: if you're remotely interested in the history of NOLA rap, proceed directly to Where They At, an elegant collection of photographs and interviews chronicling the local bounce/hip-hop scene.

-Le Musicassette has a dance mix from JB Wizz of Paris' Born Bad Records (d/l only). A lot of wonky synth pop early on, some nice soul midway through, and a great Alzo and Udine track near the end.

-Streaming @ P-R-O-P-S: a buoyant dance mix from DJ mOma, including personal favorite "Taste of Bitter Love."

-I've never seen something like this: a live, 90s Rap Appreciation set from DJ Franchise, captured via webcam (?) via Know the Ledge. (By the way, if you poke around that site, you might come across 26 volumes of Guru and Premier rarities...)

-Essential (via Dreams in Audio): Brazil's fantastic DJ Nuts did a mix (stream + d/l) of a ton of songs that 1960s-70s composer, producer, songwriting, artist, genius Arthur Verocai had a hand in. A really beautiful blend of soft psychedelic textures, samba soul and pop.

-Up until last week(?) the always educational "Radio 1 Essential Mix" had showcased the talents of the world's top dance DJs and producers 499 times.* The honor of mix #500, an excellent, affirming set recorded live in Liverpool, went to Aeroplane. (Via Analog Giant / stream + d/l) (*--I believe the other 499 are archived somewhere out there...)