'The Good Wife': Peter's Back at Home

In this week's episode, the disgraced husband returns to his family after time in prison. Will life go back to normal?



In this week's episode of The Good Wife, Peter is finally home, though attached to ankle cuffs and threatened with immediate revocation of his jail release if he so much as winks at an email. Alicia is affectionate, at a distance, and is not yet ready, apparently, to resume a connubial relationship. Nor is she inclined to retreat from her responsible, available parent role in the management of her household and children.

In the meantime, as always, Alicia helps her firm, this time engineering the acquittal of a young man accused of shooting to death his deeply crooked employer. The mechanisms for these legal triumphs are becoming increasingly truncated and gimmicky, and in this case Alicia must also cope with Will, the smitten senior partner, who shuffles Alicia from case to case in an obvious effort to nurture her indebtedness to him and an appreciation of his powerful influence in her life. In this, as in other such moments, Alicia remains sweetly non-committal.