'The Good Wife': Condoms in the Drawer, Trouble Ahead?



This week on The Good Wife: Scriptwriters, determined to ratchet up tension and ambiguity in Alicia's struggling marriage, put condoms in her bedside table, find a pretext for Peter to find them, have Peter ask for an explanation, and have Alicia storm off into the night, full of indignation and unanswered questions.

The legal question for the week is close to unintelligible, but it seems to involve a zealous FBI agent, a union lawyer, a prosperous black drug dealer, a murdered informant, and a prickly judge. Alicia, as always, helps her firm win its case—freeing the union lawyer—but now must deal with a mischievous high school girl making trouble for Peter, more cow eyes from Senior Partner Will, and a coming reorganization of her law firm, which will shortly add a third senior partner.

Alicia is so far beyond reproach, but her saintliness, we are promised, will shortly be tested.