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Mother Jones DC Bureau Chief David Corn (@davidcornDC) on the next step for Tea Party opposition to health care:

How can Tea Partiers process this: Socialist Party USA co-chair announces opposition to #hcr bill. Maybe it's a trick!

Daily Kos founder Markos Moulitsas (@markos) on health care and American communism:

Wait, aren't we communist now? Why is the DOW even still open?

Mother Jones fellow Corbin Hiar (@CorbinHiar) on the Internet and society:

First the internet killed the newspaper. Now it's killing endangered species.

Republican strategist Patrick Ruffini (@patrickruffini) makes a bold prediction about Obama's approval rating:

Obama will be at 58-59 percent approval by the end of the week, if not before

Salon blogger Glenn Greenwald (@ggreenwald) slams anti-health care GOPers

If GOP thinks "consent of the governed" = doing what majority wants, how do they justify opposition to public option & Medicare expansion?

The Washington Monthly's Steve Benen (@stevebenen) muses over John McCain's reaction to health care

Looks like #hcr hurt McCain's feelings Intends to spend rest of 2010 shouting at clouds instead of working

Washington Independent (and soon to be Washington Post) writer David Weigel (@daveweigel) looks forward to the GOP presidential primaries:

The 2011 GOP presidential primary debates will be totally. Frigging. Awesome.

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