Mixes of the Week

Rarely on time but never late, a long-overdue update:

+Was a time when Negroclash—DJs Language, Duane and Lindsey—ran the town something fierce, somewhere in that period of time my mind recalls as being sometime between Plant Bar and disco-as-preset. Nothing ironic here. Prince Language with an exclusive ("EXCLUSIVE!") mix, "I Don't Want to Be Normal". At Ely's spot, Duane's "Clash and Burn Black Wedding Day" mix.

+Stuck (in the past + off the realness), Unkut.com celebrates its sixth anniversary with COUNTER STRIKE. Newly commissioned works from the likes of F.T., Tribeca, Smiley the Ghetto Child, Kamakazee, G Rap and more. Crushing, bruising, NSFW, heartwarmingly retrograde, massive massive material. For those who recognize the merits of Screwball's first album, this is for you.

+New Weird Los Angeles: a mix of skuzzy beats from TEEBS.

+More gems from the legendary Phil the Soulman's archives. A decade-old edition of World of Beats, Soulman's legendary breaks/soul series, and two appropriately titled new ones, "Beautiful" and "Lovers and Friends."

+Fred Thomas of City Center, one of my favorite new bands, offers up some of his cassette favorites for the No Conclusion blog. Some real weird stuff here.

+Also from No Conclusion: a mix of love-ish songs they did way back when for Valentine's Day. Also re: romance, this Doc Delay mix of Valentine soul and funk. If this is the opposite of how you feel, Mao has your back---here's a "Taste of Bitter Love."

+Siik made me a believer with his "1 Thing" remix from a few years back. On DJ Phatrick's blog, a link to Siik's Devil Pie mix.

+A teaser for spring, Ian from the fantastic Zamboni Soundtracks blog with YOU SCARED ME THE MOST, a personal, seasonally affected mixtape for his readers.

+But spring is still a shot away. For those afflicted with the winter doldrums, Dreams in Audio gives you HOW LONG, a mix of moody, sparse stuff.

+Bradford from Atlas Sound/Deerhunter/etc reconstructs a mixtape he used to jam while delivering Chinese food.