Leaving The Office

I don't think I can, in good conscience, continue to watch what is basically becoming the Jim and Pam show. I'm conflicted even as write this because I thought the wedding episode was pretty funny. But I can't really take how the relationship has become central to the show. I'm getting that sinking feeling that the writers are basically out of things to say, but are trying to wring as much juice as possible out of the show before it's switched to Fridays and canceled.

While I'm on NBC I should add that I'm about done watching Tina Fey go on about how she eats too many donuts. Alyssa hit on this earlier:

And while the show can't seem to stick to a plot, it has managed to stick to a repetitive shtick lately about Liz's weakness for junk food--a device as annoying and implausible as Tina Fey is tiny.

It's actually gotten worse this year.