'Good Wife': Extra-Marital Kisses, Marital Relations



On this week's episode of The Good Wife Alicia and Peter finally get it on, after weeks of discreet apartment-sharing. But not before Alicia and Will, in a contrived and unconvincing moment of shared despondency about a case gone wrong, have a moment of tenderness—they kiss—followed by Alicia's abrupt departure for home. Lest we imagine this embrace to be no more than a product of tiredness and momentary vulnerability, Alicia and Will remind each other of the old days, in law school, when they were apparently an item. As Will forlornly notes, with his typical hangdog mien, "the timing wasn't right."

All of this, and Peter's new enthusiasm for pastoral guidance from a poised black minister—who might, all parties agree, improve Peter's political standing with black voters—leaves Alicia in a pensive and not very amatory mood, much to Peter's dismay.

On the legal front, Alicia helps her team protect a client, a pregnant woman who needs an expensive and rarely-performed surgery to save her child in utero, and whose medical insurance carrier refuses to cover her expenses on grounds that the procedure is experimental and unnecessary.

Will obtains, improperly, information that might embarrass the insurance company, and the bad guys fold their tents. The surgery is performed, the infant survives, even thrives, and the insurance company absorbs the costs, losing only the sympathy of its stockholders.
,br> On the home front, Alicia firmly closes her bedroom door, leaving Peter understandably perplexed. Is she rethinking her marriage? Reconsidering the ever-hopeful—but between you and me, pretty snarky—Will? Just in a funk? Maybe we'll find out next week.