Whitey Tape Revealed At Last!!

Michelle O on Sarah Palin:

"You know, I don't have a read. I try not to make, or set opinions about people that I haven't had any substantive interaction with. I mean, I know what you see on TV and when-"

"Does it irk you when she criticizes?"

"You know, democracy is about critique. And the president is not immune to criticism."

Obama added, when pressed on Palin again, "I think it's wonderful to have strong female voices out there, but I don't know her."

Perfect. Remember when people thought Michelle Obama was going to hoist the Red Black and Green over the White House, sing Lift Every Voice while raising her right fist? Remember Stokely Carmichael in a dress?  Is anyone who knows the anything about African-Americans--or Americans at large, frankly--shocked that arguable the least controversial thing about the Obama White House is it's First Lady?