Were The Weathermen Terrorists?

Great point by Jonathan:

It's astounding - astounding! - to me that the Weathermen didn't come up at all in this discussion.

Our current, duly elected, sitting President was accused by many in the media and government as, literally, "palling around with terrorists". Because he knew a guy that was in the Weathermen. Well are they or aren't they terrorists?

I mean it's just so dishonest. I wonder how people like this look themselves in the mirror, how they sleep.

Sorry Jonathan. Not all of us can be as smart as you.

All jokes aside, again, I think the problem here is defining terrorist strictly as the work of "foreign attackers" is really dubious. Newsweek certainly had no problem identifying Bill Ayers as a "former terrorist" in its subhed back in 08. I'm not in their newsroom. But I'd be very interested to see whether they debated this.

The charitable interpretation is that the Weathermen were an organized group. But it's not one I buying.