The Fight For Chris Berman

This is the sort of thing that makes me feel like I'm living in another country. I just don't get the appeal of Chris Berman.

On another note, I may well have watched my last Super Bowl. With the incessant commercials, and the half-time show, I found it to be really unpleasant to watch. It's sad because the last few games have been incredible. But the actual experience is miserable. it's like they know they have the greatest show on earth, and so they've decided to tack as many money-making vehicles as possible to it. The price is getting too high. There's something cool about the notion of advertisers trying to outdo each other. In theory. But in actuality, when stumped, they just go crude.

This year, I paid $400 to have every regular season game broadcast through my PC. I probably would have paid another $400 just to have the playoffs and the Super Bowl. I enjoy the product that much. But the extra crap they tack on to it is just soul-eating. I keep getting the feeling that I should be doing something else.

Wait. Weren't we supposed to be talking about Chris Berman?