SNL's Jennifer Lopez Episode: 5 Best Scenes

>Jennifer Lopez had good comedic timing, and seemed to be enjoying herself. There were no Tiger or Healthcare Summit sketches; the cold open was instead an amusing sendup of "We Are the World II."

Some highlights...

Telemundo tries to cover the winter Olympics ... and is very confused:

Jennifer Lopez, Fred Armisen, and Kristin Wiig spoof an over-the-top Spanish soap opera:

Weird & manipulative "Hollywood Dish" reporters (Kristin Wiig and Bill Hader) goad J-Lo into a bizarre interview:

NBC unveils its new show, Undercover Celebrity Boss, featuring Steve Jobs as janitor, Richard Branson as secretary, and Martha Stewart as an ornery dishwasher:

An appealingly ridiculous Governor Paterson (Fred Armisen) drops by Weekend Update to discuss his political future:

Also amusing: A new installment of ESPN Classic (women's curling this time), and a sketch about a little girl with Smash Mouth in her closet. (Video for this one unfortunately not online.)

NEXT WEEK: Zach Galifianakis, with musical guest Vampire Weekend.