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As a Fox News pundit and Facebook savant, Sarah Palin has many platforms to take on her foes. But she has been especially vocal on the issue of special-needs individuals, becoming a crusader for the mentally handicapped. Her latest target is Family Guy, the Fox animated comedy that trades in political incorrectness.

Appearing on The O'Reilly Factor, Palin blasted the show for making fun of her Down syndrome-afflicted son, Trig, in a recent episode. On the heels of her scolding of Rahm Emanuel, Palin castigated Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane and asked "when is enough enough?"

Host Bill O'Reilly then pressed Palin on her excepting Rush Limbaugh from blame for his 'retard' comments (which led to Stephen Colbert's witty kneecapping). Palin repeated her claim that Limbaugh was using satire, while Emanuel and MacFarlane were just being malicious.

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