How To Stop Teens Cont.

From Persia:

I often wonder if detailed shots of STDs and description of the treatment along with free condoms and instructions on how to use them would be more effective than 90% of sex ed programs.

I don't know. In terms of condom use, I think we can only control so much. That said, I think--speaking from personal experience--credibility is key. You may scare a few kids, but I think many more will see that you're intentionally trying to scare them, and thus doubt your motives. They may not say it that way, but I think that's the thought process.

Again, speaking for myself the mere word gonorrhea was scary to me. Having its effects described to me in plain English--and its method of detection, eff the swab test--was enough. U didn't need pictures, I was good.

Beyond that, I think we need to remember how often we, as adults, are ourselves sexually irresponsible. In this arena, the dumbest shit I did happened after I'd turned 18. Context is everything.