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The Obama White House has not been shy about making its position on Fox News very clear. In October, outgoing press secretary Anita Dunn commenced hostilities when she claimed the network was "the communications wing of the Republican party," and administration officials later publicly declared Fox shouldn't be taken seriously (the spat was covered by the Wire here, here, here, here, and here).

Fast-forward to Tuesday, in a new year with a new press secretary, Dan Pfeiffer. In an interview with the New York Times, Pfeiffer repeated Dunn's stance on Fox News almost to the letter (scroll down to view the video here). "I have the same view of Fox that Anita had, which is that Fox is not a traditional news organization," Pfeiffer said, opening the floodgates for the second installment of Fox News vs. The White House.

The blogosphere has picked up the scent, and though most posts have simply reported the story, bombastic, opinionated rhetoric cannot be far behind. While Glenn Beck has already fired a return salvo on behalf of Fox, the left sounds more exasperated than anything else.

  • What's the Point? "Obviously this is the White House's policy--it has been for a long time and it will be for the foreseeable future," writes New York Magazine's Chris Rovzar. "They have their own logic, and they probably have reason to believe this strategy is working for them. But why continue to admit it? If your problem is with Glenn Beck's constant hectoring, why give him a new and meaningless bone to chew on in the first place?" Frustrated, he concludes: "Come on, White House. Drop this storyline, or else you'll prove them right."
  • "Bring It On" Beck has taken immediate advantage of this new opportunity to hector. During The Glenn Beck Program on Premiere Radio, he smugly reminds listeners of his prediction after the first White House/Fox News imbroglio that hostilities would resume. "I told you at the time: 'They have to rally the base. They'll be back,'" he says. "When they've got nothing else left, if they won't triangulate, they just have to whip up into a frenzy their base and find the enemies."

Check back tomorrow for the latest on the all-but-assured firestorm.

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