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Sarah Palin has signed a contract as a regular contributor with Fox News, the New York Times reports. The multi-year contract has her appearing regularly on Fox shows, and she will occasionally host her own program "that will examine inspirational tales involving ordinary Americans," reports the Washington Post. Details are scant -- no official announcement has been made -- but you can bet we'll all be hearing a lot more about this for some time.

  • The Fox Political Party The Atlantic's Andrew Sullivan scoffs at the "Palin-Ailes merger," writing, "The evolution of Fox News into a theo-political organization fused with the Republican party continues apace."
  • Probably Means No 2012 Run Hot Air's Ed Morrissey is doubtful. "The regular to-and-fro on politics will allow Palin to expand her credibility and build a broader base of support for her political ambitions. However, a multi-year deal may mean that Palin will wait to run for higher office. She could either go for the Senate or the presidency next, but either way, she'd have to start building a campaign no later than a year from now," he writes. "A multiyear deal doesn't preclude the possibility of entering into a campaign in 2011, but it indicates that Palin isn't yet envisioning such a step."

  • Political Death for Huckabee The Washington Monthly's Steve Benen dramatizes the announcement:"If you pass by Fox News HQ, you can probably hear Mike Huckabee sobbing just a little, saying, 'Wait, I'm the one who's supposed to use Fox News as a platform to launch a far-right presidential campaign.'"

  • Fox Dominating GOP The Washington Post's Howard Kurtz explains. "Palin is extremely popular with her conservative base, which has fueled the sales of her best-selling memoir. But she is a divisive political figure who not only draws the ire of liberals but some Republicans, including staffers who deal with her during her run as John McCain's running mate," he writes. "Hiring Palin could further boost the popularity of Rupert Murdoch's network among conservative viewers."
  • Good Luck With That, Fox The Awl's Alex Balk chuckles, "Details are sketchy, but the show--which I hope they call 'Sarah Palin Is Making Sense,' because how great would that be--is apparently part of a multi-year deal with the network, since if there's one thing we know about Sarah Palin it's that she is totally great at fulfilling multi-year obligations."
  • The Attention Cycle Wonkette's Jim Newell despairs in self-loathing. "Maybe this will be her 'opportunity' to meet a black person, live from Africa! OR MAYBE IT WILL BE MORE INSUFFERABLE BULLSHIT. Either way, everyone -- EVERYONE -- will watch it, and then we will all whine about how terrible it is that she gets so much attention."
  • 'Widely Ignored Former Alaskan Governor to Finally Get Some Attention' New York Magazine's Dan Amira drips with sarcasm. "Sarah Palin, a little-known former half-term governor and vice-presidential candidate whose opinions on current events have until now flown woefully under the radar, will finally get a platform for sharing her views with the country," he writes.

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