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Arianna Huffington's loud, proud, left-leaning news aggregation site has earned her two lengthy New Yorker profiles (both in 2008) that credit her with single-handedly saving and single-handedly killing the media. The Huffington Post is frequently pounded for its blithe partisanship, its celebrity pundits with questionable political insights, and, increasingly, for its reliance on gossip and semi-nude celebrity photos.

The latest assault comes in the form of a spoof. The jokesters of have mocked up what HuffPo's homepage would look like "If The Huffington Post Was Honest." It's all here: the obsession with President Obama, the celeb pundits, the attacks on Fox News, and the frequent reliance on Jon Stewart for free content (something your Atlantic Wire would never do). Even Huffington herself isn't spared. Here's an excerpt of the spoof. Click through for the whole thing.

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