Ladies and gentleman, your almost Vice-President of the world's greatest power...

It's not that what she says is objectively untrue. It's that you can't shake the sense that she's bullshitting you the whole away. Even that, in and of itself, is not unique. I get that people, of all stripes, enjoy being bullshitted, on some level. Still, there's usually some kind of distracting veneer employed to render the scatological respectable. Think Glenn Beck's charts and chalkboards, or Rush Limbaugh's performance poetry.

Sarah Palin, on the other hand, has no sense of showmanship. Instead she just offers proud ignorance in all of its naked, fulminating glory. The odious humors regularly issuing forth from her gaping, defecating maw are unconstrained. Here is a bullshitter--unleashed, unperfumed, and unashamed.

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