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The city of New York has apparently spent $32,000 to prepare and publish fliers on the proper preparation and injection of heroin. As images of the "heroin how-to" hit the Internet, shock and outrage have spread. To the incredulous statements of doubtful experts are now added the howls of right-wing indignation:

  • 'The Government Must Protect Your Veins!' National Review's Kathryn Jean Lopez exclaims, calling the flier "remarkable."
  • 'Taxpayers' Dime,' notes Rachel Abrams at The Weekly Standard, questioning the notion of teaching heroin addicts "how to shoot up 'safely.'"
  • Not the Worst Idea  "If this campaign saves one life, it's a bargain," argues Mark Frauenfelder at Boingboing, one of the few to defend the project. He contrasts the fliers with the "abstinence-only approach" of making "drug use as dirty, dangerous, and illegal as possible."
  • Are You Kidding?  "The award for today's most absurd use of taxpayer dollars has got to be given to the city of New York for offering how-to guides for heroin addicts," proclaims Meredith Jessup at Townhall.
  • Too Far  "Argue de-criminalization if you want," begins conservative blogger Dan Riehl. "Even so, is it smart for government to pay to publish guidebooks on how to shoot Heroin? We can't even educate kids in Math, English and Science. Maybe we should be limiting, not expanding, the subject matter?"

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