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When Keith Olbermann went ballistic on Republican Scott Brown calling him "an irresponsible, homophobic, racist, reactionary, ex-nude model," we made due note of his "creative" diction. As it happens, Comedy Central host Jon Stewart was also watching.

Last night, Stewart took Olbermann down a notch, dissecting his claims and exposing them as fairly exaggerated. He finished with a manic impersonation of the MSNBC host, donning a pair of glasses for a "Special Comment." (Olbermann, for his part, capped off his week of insanity with an extra-special apocalyptic "Special Comment.")

Today, Olberman responded to the act, telling TVNewser "It was a little bit of a ripoff of the Affleck thing, but overall, I'd give it a B-." Stewart's bit has received applause from conservative media outlets like the Examiner who said it showed Stewart's "willingness to take on anyone in the political spectrum."

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