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Are you one of the many people annoyed by new airport security measures? Joan Rivers feels your pain. The brassy comedienne was so irritated, in fact, that she took her story to Larry King.

Here Rivers relates her at-the-gate passport fiasco. Highlights include her drive to San Jose "with a man I didn't know, over back roads" (5:20), the airport official deliberately misreporting Rivers as having a heart attack (7:05), Rivers calling the gate official "premenstrual" (1:38), Rivers's thoughts on the Salahis ("First time in our history that a white couple--my joke is--broke into a black man's house. And it's hahaha, but it's not funny" 7:30), and a final tirade responding to a caller on King's Show ("just hold it, Mister! ... She was a moron!" 8:30).

And in case you don't have time to watch all the way through, here's the key statement at roughly 6:04: "If it's good enough for Russia, and Nepal, and China, and Japan, and Korea, and everyone else I've been ... I think it should be good enough for Costa Rica!"

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