Get Your Ass In The Water And Swim Like Me...

Andrew links to Jan Crawford's defense:

One of my daughters has started to chant, when these bloody ads appear, "that's just a whole lot of makeup. Just makeup. Just make up."

But there's no outrage over these ads that glorify death and violence, that depict women brutalized by crazed psychopaths on the run. No uproar. That's reserved, instead, for ads that "Celebrate Life," while images of guts and gore continue to seep into our living rooms without protest.

Here's the great irony of all this: Whether or not the "Celebrate Life" ad ever sees the light of day, the women's groups that made it an issue have played right into Focus on the Family's focus. They've gotten the abortion debate out in the public.

I can't really speak to TV ads anymore (though I'm thinking of getting a set soon,) but I don't think it was smart for NOW to protest the ad. I say this, obviously, as a pro-choice lefty. I don't see what you gain out of essentially saying, "You can't say that."

The right strategy isn't to restrict the other side's room to speak, it should be to expand our own. Don't like Tim Tebow's ad? Salute his right to speak his mind. Bring out all the usual homilies about how great it is to live in a country where we're free to respectfully debate heart-wrenching issues. And then after you've done that, cut your own ad and make your case. What's the use of having all these effete Hollywood liberals if can't cut a better ad than James Dobson?