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Make no bones about it: this was a tough week for the left. After losing a Senate seat, a supermajority and (possibly) health care reform—they've now lost the country's signature progressive radio network, Air America. On Thursday, chairman Charlie Kireker announced the company was filing for bankruptcy citing a "very difficult economic environment."

Though beset with financial problems since its start in 2004, Air America can claim some accomplishments, catapulting the political career of Minnesota Senator Al Franken and the professional rise of MSNBC host Rachel Maddow. In the end, the station failed to generate enough ad revenue and listener interest to support itself. Needless to say, conservatives are celebrating the left-wing network's demise:
  • Hate to Say I Told You So, smiles Tim Graham at Newsbusters: "Some of us told anyone who would listen in 2004 that Air America would have serious trouble succeeding in commercial radio when liberals already had a station in most American cities in their NPR news and talk station"
  • A Failure from the Start, writes Mitch Berg at Shot in the Dark: "Most of Air America’s 'as many as' 100 stations were small, low-power operations on the fringes of their markets; when the network launched, it paid for its air time on its three most important affiliates (New York, LA and Chicago), and quickly ran out of money to do even that...Air America programming was only really competitive in one market on one station (KFI in Portland Oregon) and then only for about a year... So goodbye, Air America.  You were good for a few laughs."
  • Doomed By Ideology, writes Patrick at Political Byline: "Amen… The free market decided that Air America with its liberal spin, lies and distortions was just not a good business model and it tanked…. and believe you me folks, America is such a better place for it. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I really want to urinate on that grave site again."

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