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It's official, Conan O'Brien has signed an agreement to leave NBC. The network will pay him $32 million and allow him to return to television in eight months. His manager relayed that "Conan was appreciative of the steps NBC made to take care of his staff and crew." But if Conan's ready to dust himself off and move on, his fans certainly aren't. The drawn out ordeal has left #teamconan, the host's loyal following of Twitter users, deeply bitter. Here's a taste of their micro-blogged discontent:

  • shutterclutterI can't wait for Leno's show to crash and burn. I'll watch Conan wherever he goes.

  • Co0kle I will NOT be watching Jay Leno AT ALL! Sorry #NBC -- You #FAIL! #ImWithCoCo

  • jollyamericanConan to leave NBC. He totally got screwed over for boring 'ol Jay.

  • thefordsimmonsConan done for good on NBC. I will always love Conan! Lets hope he moves to Fox!

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