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Rumors of 19-year-old Bristol Palin starting her own public relations firm are reverberating online, but are they true? Rachel Maddow did her best to debunk the idea, explaining that Palin's decision to register a limited liability company (LLC) was likely "a smart financial decision" to handle payment from her work as a pro-abstinence ambassador. But fact-checking hasn't quite quelled the riot:

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  • 'Latest Bizarre Palin Company,' Gawker's Ryan Tate dubs the enterprise, noting that the name, BSMP LLC, is "distinctly less exciting sounding than mother Sarah Palin's Pie Spy LLC," a service for the elderly and disabled.
  • Oh, the Irony!  Abe Gurko at The Huffington Post takes some potshots in the form of an imaginary dialogue between mother and daughter, with such snarky moments as: "SARAH: ... We need to get you a real sounding job so we can hitch your horse to all these political cronies. (Light bulb pops up over Sarah's head) What about public relations? You're so good at getting around. And even better at speaking out for abstinance, which is like the biggest oxymoron going, dear...but, hey, that' s what PR is all about."
  • Mediastorm!  Mocking bloggers' hysteria, Rachel Maddow explains that this move is either a common practice to handle Bristol Palin's Candie's Foundation fees or, she announces breathlessly, "Bristol Palin's about to launch a lobbying and consultancy firm to run her mom's 2012 presidential campaign! Theoretically possible," says the pundit, smothering a chuckle, "but probably not."
  • Well, It Could Be True  Undeterred, blogger The Archivist writes that "That spokesperson 'job' has been going on for almost a year now! It's more likely that Sarah is getting ready (in September) to cash in on the publicity that she knows/knew would come in November (and $$$$$ to her PAC) when her book was released; she needs a way to get her hands --- or the hands of someone she can control --- on that that $$$$$$$$$$$."

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