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They're hardly ideological allies: Arianna Huffington, a hardline liberal (formerly hardline conservative) new media queen, and Tucker Carlson, a moderate conservative who's bounced around TV punditry for years. Yet the two come together today as Carlson unveils his new website, The Daily Caller. Often billed as the conservative "answer" to the Huffington Post, the site approaches news and aggregation with Carlson's trademark conservative bent.

So it's somewhat surprising that Huffington herself, though she would seem to be both an ideological antagonist and a business competitor to Carlson, wrote an introduction to his site. Huffington argues that the two sites share the common grievance of being "assigned" to "the fringe" by the "the mainstream media." (This would include the same TV commentary programs, one presumes, on which both Huffington and Carlson are habitually guests.)

I have no doubt that there will be many things on The Daily Caller that I disagree with, just as I am sure there are many things on HuffPost that Tucker disagrees with. But I hope that there will also be many things that we can agree on -- the kind of things we file on HuffPost as "Beyond Left and Right." Like the Move Your Money campaign we launched, in which we encourage people to take action to change a broken financial system by moving their money out of too-big-to-fail banks and into local community banks and credit unions. It's neither left nor right. It is populism at its best, appealing to the bedrock American values of community and competition.

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