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As it stands, the biggest problem facing the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver is a lack of snow. But for many sports enthusiasts, the winter games are plagued for more reasons than just weather conditions and logistics. The Wire has rounded up some of the fiercest Olympics haters. The allegations range from racism to classism to just plain boredom:

  • It's Boring! exclaims Michael Williams: "No offense to Winter Olympic athletes, but your events are boring... At least the Summer Olympics has interesting sports like swimming, shooting, lifting, fighting, and so forth... On the other hand, the Winter Olympics has two sports: moving around on snow, and moving around on ice. The only Winter Olympic sport worth beans is the Biathlon because of this other well-known mathematical law: ∀x, guns + x = awesome."
  • It's Basically Olympics for White People, writes the New York Press: "Let's face it: Ethiopians may make great marathoners, but they don't do well in curling. A Jamaican bobsled team was so hilarious it became the punch-line of a Hollywood movie. The Winter Olymics are a festival of whiteness--on the ground and on the winners' platform."
  • It's Thoughtless Enthusiasm En Masse, argues Chuck Klosterman at Esquire: "The Olympics are designed for people who want to care about something without considering why...In order to enjoy the Olympics, you can't think critically about anything. You just have to root for America (or whatever country you're from) and assume that your feelings are inherently correct. It's the same kind of antilogic you need to employ whenever you attend a political convention or a church service or movies directed by Steven Spielberg."
  • It's Classist and Rigged, complains Kate Chase at Associated Content: "Today's Olympian is frequently from a privileged family, or at least from one that can devote all the family's resources to pay for pro coaches and special programs. The same is true for the Olympics Committee members as we learned during some of the scandals that have come out after recent contests."

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