Your Androgony Makes Me...Uncomfortable

The Onion once had this great caption: "Guy Totally Looked Like A Chick From Behind." Come on, you know you've been there. Anyway, I thought about that reading through this comment string, on whether one of the singers in the MGMT "Kids" video is a girl:

Um, I really do think, and hope, the second painted figure is a girl and not a guy. Not that's there's anything wrong with that!

Turns out she is. But when I first saw it, I thought I was watching the official video. Knowing that MGMT was two dudes, I thought the girl was a dude. I told Kenyatta last night that I found myself thinking, "Wow, that's a really nice looking dude...So much in fact that I can't take my eyes off of him...OK, this is awkward..."

Haha. Seriously, I would have been fine if she were a dude. Seriously. Totally. Fine.