Unless You Plan To Bang

Millionaire, took me back to Outkast this week. There really is no way to definitively argue who's greater than who in art. But with that caveat in mind, I think Outkast might be--might be--hip-hop's greatest group. I can't really think of a group who, over the course of six years (1994-2000), and over the course of four albums, seemingly got better with each outing. And they did this while hip-hop was becoming more commercial, selling records the whole way. Aquemeni is my personal favorite, but Stankonia just has some stunners on it.

I'll always argue that, as a lyricist, Dre is just incredible (When the record player get to skipping and slowing down\All ya'll can say is them niggas earned that crown.) And by the time they got to Speakerboxxx, Big Boi was keeping pace. There are artists who've thrilled me more and albums I like prefer. But I can't think of a group who grew more, got better, and put out as much quality as Outkast. Plus they give an incredible, incredible show.

Anyway, here's my personal fave. I've always loved how their videos render the South, and by extension, black life. It feels so much like home. I mean, come on. The Morris Brown choir? You gotta give it up.