The Other League

I'm tempted to say the Vikings are in serious trouble, and I guess they are. But the bigger point, it seems, is that no one's looking great right now:

Every good team is flawed. New England can't rush the passer. You can score on Philadelphia. Dallas, other than on plays to Miles Austin, isn't explosive on offense. The Saints are psycho; I don't know what they are anymore. The Vikings' offensive line is a real quagmire. The Colts can't run, though it hasn't seemed to hurt them much. And San Diego is beat up on defense, with a sputtering run game too.

Maybe an Arizona will pop up this year, a surprise team that rides the wave. This year, that team might be Green Bay or Arizona ... or maybe even the Jets because of a run game that always seems to find 175 yards of production somewhere. But the fact is, there's no lock in either conference. That means the next month will be fun and maddening.