The End Of Revenue-Sharing

Here's a pretty good primer on the NFL's attempt to end socialism:

The proposed elimination of the SRS is strategic. It illustrates an approach of continuing to point out to the union the ill effects of not having a deal in place before next year. The league negotiators have appeared completely unfazed by the prospect of operating without a salary cap and are now ready to pull the plug on a plan that would theoretically provide lower revenue teams more funding to buy players. The league is putting itself in a leveraged position to try and forge a better deal...

And what's the problem with the deal they have now? Simply, the NFL believes that player costs - mandated by a floor and ceiling of a salary cap that has risen geometrically in the last five years - are significantly outpacing club revenues and operating costs of running an NFL franchise. The league wants the union to share the risk. To that, the union says, "Show us your books," and then the quagmire starts anew.

One thing I'm not seeing is perspective of owners of the smaller-market teams. I'm not clear why they'd be up for this.