Lieberman's Vanity

This is a great catch by HuffPo. Here's Joe Lieberman on his opposition to the Buy-In: the interview, Mr. Lieberman said that he grew apprehensive when a formal proposal began to take shape. He said he worried that the program would lead to financial trouble and contribute to the instability of the existing Medicare program.

And he said he was particularly troubled by the overly enthusiastic reaction to the proposal by some liberals, including Representative Anthony Weiner, Democrat of New York, who champions a fully government-run health care system.

"Congressman Weiner made a comment that Medicare-buy in is better than a public option, it's the beginning of a road to single-payer," Mr. Lieberman said. "Jacob Hacker, who's a Yale professor who is actually the man who created the public option, said, 'This is a dream. This is better than a public option. This is a giant step.'"

This a deeply immoral statement. Joe Lieberman is a divorced Dad refusing to pay for private school, in part, because it might please his ex-wife.

I don't expect Senators to be immune to the base urges that haunt us all. But I do expect them to understand that they are weighing the lives of innocent Americans, not jousting with each other over a parking space.

This bill, as it stands, will likely be one the most significant pieces of legislation to come out of Congress in the last fifty years. It will alter the way millions of Americans grapple with the most essential aspects of their lives. It is history. Joe Lieberman's addendum to that history is vengeance, is a Cadmean victory.

Your grandmother has never heard of Jacob Hacker. But Lieberman will gladly place her fate on one end of the scale, and Hacker's glee on the other. That is poisonous.