I'm Sayin' Son...

Ta-Nahesi Coates. Fuckin' Althouse. My name's at the top of the blog and I still can't get Ann's respect. It's alright though--one of her numerous black commenters is on the case:

I might respect Ta-Nehisi Coates more if he has less of a jackass ghetto name and was more of a serious thinker. Does he seriously think women's problem with Palin is about respect? Does he really think women (apart from Ann and some Dems) have a problem with Palin? I'm a Conservative black woman who just loves Sarah Palin. I respect her, too. She's got drive, energy, intellect, ideas. She's got mad executive skills. She's no airy-fairy, hopey-changey bullshit artist like the current WH occupant.

Okay, how the heck does Ta-Nehisi Coates pronounce his first name? Is it said 'Tennessee'? If it is, does he think spelling it 'Ta-Nehisi' will make him seem more authentic than he thinks he is?

She'd respect me more if I "has less of a jackass ghetto name."


I'm sitting in Detroit's airport and my plane is delayed. But this made my day. I'm over here dying. People are looking at me like I'm crazy--as they should be. I'm laughing my ghetto ass off. My authentic ghetto ass.

UPDATE: Here's Ann's reply. It ends with this request:

Come on, Ta-Nahesi Coates. A very serious apology is in order.

Wow. Ann Althouse just blew my mind...