Feel the Artbeat

Cantab--they of the underground Providence, R.I. cartography--has been posting some amazing photo sets of abandoned abodes out in rural(ish) Massachusetts. The latest is of an abandoned prison farm house in Billerica, which looks stark and beautiful in daylight but probably absolutely terrifying at night.

(Related, via Cantab: Dave Schubert's photo set of 1990s San Francisco graffiti legend Twist.)

If you happen to be in Philadelphia this weekend, try and support Space 1026's benefit auction. A lot of great pieces like this Alex Lukas city scene and this freakishly colorful Brian Chippendale...and, really, who can't use an ornamental gong

Also courtesy the Space 1026 blog, this amazing clip (and accompanying gif) of Philly's "Drexel Shaft" implosion: