Awful Nicknames For Really Cool Cities

This is my third time in Detroit in two months. I'm actually getting to know the geography here pretty well. Also being from Baltimore, none of the bad pub phases me. You were the murder capitol, so were we. Your mayor got indicted, so did ours. You're losing people, so are we.

My one pet peeve is Detroit's rather obnoxious nickname--"The D." Who came up with that? P-Diddy? It has all the self-regard of a really bad attempt at re-branding. It has the same amount of syllables as Detroit, but less beauty. Moreover, Detroit connotes a kind of edginess that I think is pretty cool. I mean, yeah, I'm a dude from West Baltimore, not a high-power investor.

But still. There's nothing wrong with Detroit. I like it here. And I like the name.