This Crowd Is Pure Baltic Avenue

One problem with watching Real Housewives of Atlanta is that you end up encouraging small-minded assholes like this:

Television industry executives said on Saturday that Michaele and Tareq Salahi had postponed plans for an interview Monday on CNN's "Larry King Live" and were seeking top-dollar bids for their first television interview.

The Salahis, who embarrassed the Secret Service by passing through its security screens as if invisible and then posed for the cameras with President Obama and many of his bona fide guests at a party honoring India's prime minister, remained out of sight on Saturday and their spokeswoman did not return calls. The Secret Service would not comment or say whether investigators have interviewed the pair.

For years, the Salahis have publicized their own flashy adventures in the social and sporting scenes of Washington and its outlying horse country, and left behind a record of lawsuits and unpaid bills, many from the bankruptcy of the family vineyard after extended litigation between Mr. Salahi and his parents.

One thing that never occurs to these people is that the press, for all its problems, does a pretty good job of exposing utter phonies. The Washington Post has the kind of math on these guys that shows why there isn't much hood about the hood mentality. You can be a snob in the projects. You can be hood in the luxury box. Class is everywhere--and too with trash.