Catch The Ball

I don't really think Roy Williams is T.O. in the drama-sense, and I doubt they'll be much of a distraction. Still, they aren't particularly self-aware:

"I'm the No. 1 receiver," Williams said. "But things are just going No. 2's way."

"He gets the ball thrown correctly his way," Williams said of Austin. "I'm stretching and falling and doing everything. Everybody [else] who's been here's balls are there. Our footballs [from Romo to Williams] are everywhere right now."

There are a few problems here. It should be said that, especially early on, that Romo was off and he hung Williams out there for a brutal hit against Denver.

That said, I think anyone who watches the Cowboys knows that Williams isn't "doing everything." Roy Williams has caught only 38 percent of the passes thrown his way this season. That's worse then Patrick Crayton who was benched a couple weeks ago. I think worse than that is veiled unwillingness to take responsibility, the notion that he's doing everything, but the football thrown to him are everywhere.

I was just googling around and found this old Football Outsiders post at the time of the trade which pretty much predicted what Williams would be. Herm Edwards was on ESPN this morning discussing Wiliams, and as usual, broke it down to the essentials--"Just catch the ball. And when you catch the ball, run with it." I think Roy will have a big game this week. I'd be shocked to see him come up small after all of this.