A Great Day In Harlem

dogfish head raison d'etre.jpg

Last Friday, me and the boy trooped down to the Upper West Side so I could have him further indoctrinated in the ways of effete liberalism. All that football is turning him into a ruffian. After some soccer in the park, a soy latte, and some musings over New Yorker cartoons ("So then pig says, 'One of us is clearly in the wrong movie...'") we headed to Whole Foods to check the price on arugula. But what I found, instead, was so much better.

Dog Fish Head Raison D'Etra--my favorite beer. I've had this in a few bars, but haven't been able to find a six. I loaded up, got some tofurkey, organic sprouts and a few other things that they don't eat in normal America, and returned, unburdened, to my apartment in Harlem. Because the best thing about that Whole Foods is that they deliver. Beer. To Harlem. All hail gentrification. All hail The Wine Track. Except when it's Dog Fish.