A Concussion Isn't A "Ding"

I think this was an incredibly ignorant, and presumptuous, comment by Hines Ward:

"It's tough," he said of Roethlisberger's situation. "You don't want to jeopardize your future. It's a toss-up: You either play and jeopardize your future, or you sit out and worry about the big picture.

"Ben had a concussion. He's been in an accident. I can't judge another man. But I've played with a concussion before. I think everybody [has]. It's unfortunate they decided to hold him out. The frustrating part is we didn't know until Saturday, but we came in here and fought our tails off.
"This is the biggest game of the year. We lost and kinda dug ourselves a hole. Me being a competitor I just wish we would've had all our weapons out there. Fortunately, Dennis came in and did well, but we just fell short. It's frustrating."

I love the passive-aggressiveness of tough guys. You can't judge another man--while judging him. Hines Ward needs to talk to Al Toon. Or don't. He's free to play with a concussion. (Although not for long, I bet.) But he's to stop speaking like he's Rothlisberger's wife.