Things To Do While You're Gaming

Couldn't sleep last night (hence the late start) so I fired up my tauren druid and got started on Hellfire. I got to thinking about how I wish the instances were a little harder in WoW and little less predictable. And then I got to thinking about conservatism, not because of my druid, but because I had a lecture by Sam Tanenhaus playing in the background.

Books that proclaim the death of anything instantly repel me. But as is the case with a lot of books, Tanenhaus's argument was much more nuanced and much more interesting than its title. It's worth checking out. I would have liked to see him talk a little more about the Right's embrace of the racial politics of the South.

But, hey, it was 3 A.M. And I was hunting Fel Orcs. You can't have it all....

Lecture embedded after the jump