The Last Food Post, I Promise

You can call me a food elitist, but I swear by CooksIllustrated. The muffins below were made from a recipe of their site. I generally find cook-books frustrating because a lot of them don't explain what's happening, and why, you prepare food. Cooks is great for understanding the whole process, and thus, being able to be creative. The good stuff is behind a pay-wall, as it should be.

Also a commenter asked about cooking for single people. Man listen, learn to cook, and you won't be eating alone. Now you may not be eating with the same person (or people, if that's how you roll) every night, but you will never be alone.  If I had CooksIllustrated when I was out there I would been Eddie Murphy in Boomerang. Instead, I had to settle for Larenz Tate in Love Jones.

Heh. OK so not quite. But I do love Chicago. What ever happened to Lisa Nicole-Carson? She was the black goddess, for a second...