The Iceman Slayeth

My Moms loved Jerry Butler. Hearing him softly murder this classic reminds me of sitting in the passenger seat of her silver Volkswagen Rabbit. Consequently, I'm partial when it comes to his voice. He is, bar none, my favorite singer ever. His voice has changed over the years, but not for the worse. I admit, I prefer the richness of the young Jerry (check out "I'm A Telling You" below.)

But this version of "Your Precious Love" could only be improved by importing the actual Impressions. I dislike a lot of live versions, because the band tends to play too fast. They got this one just right. It's absolutely insane to think that this dude was in a group with Curtis Mayfield. Chicago got it, man.

Young boys need to get with Jerry Butler. Back in the day at Howard, all these fools would be rocking 112 and Jodeci. That's cool. But I'd break off some "Aware Of Love" to seal the deal. They don't call him the Iceman for nothing.