NFL Open Thread

In comments, earlier this week, I asserted that this was exactly the sort of game (Dallas vs.Denver) in which Romo could go for four TDs. I'm very open to being wrong--and indeed, it's possible I'm underestimating Romo's struggles. But I don't think so.

Anyway, with that in mind, I came upon a situation that must be the bane of any real football fan. Romo is on my team. So is Carson Palmer. So is the Broncos defense. I actually benched Romo for Palmer, for a second, and then started the Broncos D. But I looked at my line-up and thought, "There is no way, I'm rooting against my Cowboys. Not even a little bit." So I promptly benched Palmer, and the Broncos D for the Vikings.

The bad aspect of fantasy is that it can turn you into a mercenary fan. I'm not doing that. Indeed, I'm doubling down. When the Cowboys go down, it ruins my week. It used to be so bad, when they lost, that I didn't even read the paper--not the sports page, the entire paper. When they're up, it makes my week. It used to be so bad that when the Cowboys won a big game, I'd go online and read the opposing teams paper--all week. Nothing like hearing the cries and lamentations of your hated opponents women and children. Or their sports-writers.

Anyway, I'm all in. I'm not going to be a "fantasy fan." I've got a lot of players hurt up this week (Mike Bell has been a stud for me.) If Romo sucks this week, I probably do too.

Now that that's said, let's get on with our beautiful Sunday ritual.