Me Write Pretty Someday!

This is a cool tweet from Rachel Maddow. The only problem is that now people are gonna come here expecting thing like "original opinion," and "intelligent conversation" and "fried chicken"


It's not that I'm ungrateful, it's that I'm insecure. I like it better when I get hate mail that hurts my little feelings. After a bubble bath, a good cry and an episode of the Real Housewives Of Atlanta, I'm prepared to take on the world again! If Ne-Ne can be a writer, then she can be a writer! I mean, I can be a writer!

Wait, is that the "ding" of my inbox?

Mr. Coates - 

I don't know you, and I rarely read your blog.  I avoid because your inability to put together a cohesive sentence is excruciating, and often times I have no idea what you are trying to say.  I will say this, however.  Your post about the Jews is particularly offensive, as it relies on a stereotyped perception of the Jewish community and the manner in which it affects culture and public perception.  I am not even sure what your point is.  Your blog will continue to be a place where vapid opinion is poorly written and is some how, through some strange and perverted process, monetarily rewarded.



Ah yeah, that's the stuff. I feel those tears coming.