Liberals Against Child-Rape

There's a developing meme that this defense of Polanski is more evidence of the excesses of liberals, and lack of morality among the bra-burners. I think it's worth acknowledging that the myopic Hollywood bunch backing Polanski are, for the most part, liberals. Rightly or wrongly, the tribe mentality says that these fools are giving liberalism a bad name.

That said, it's worth noting that the Hollywood left's prominence is based on the business of entertainment. Hank Williams shouldn't be confused with William Kristol, no matter what one thinks of Kristol. This is about establishmentarians sticking up for other establishmentarians. Sometimes The Man believes in universal health care, too. It's worth citing XXFactor, Salon, LGM, TAPPED, Media Matters, and Eugene Robinson. Moreover, it's worth noting that, among the pundit class, Polanski's loudest defenders, Richard Cohen and Anne Applebaum, are by no means "of the Left."

A special note on Applebaum. Check out the follow-up to her defense of Polanski, and the rebuttals. Applebaum mischaracterizes the grand jury testimony, and then implies that the girl's mother was to blame. It's very difficult for me to believe that she thinks this is right. It's easier for me to believe that she's struggling with that essential, if oft-disregarded, charge put to all writers, indeed of all person--the charge of admitting when you are wrong. It's a hard thing to do--but it's also essential.