James Bennet Is Editor Of The Year

Meh, I already knew that. But now, officially, James has gone from bad-ass writer to bad-ass editor. On a personal note, it's the simple, undeniable truth that without James, it's possible that I would be pushing a cab through Midtown right now. Two and a half years ago, I was laid-off reporter with a steadily mounting pile of bills. All I had was a few months worth of secondary reporting on Bill Cosby, and a looming deadline for a memoir.
I seriously wanted to get a taxi license, but Kenyatta would not let me. Anyway, I can't tell you how hard it is to get editors to hear you out, when you have no real rep. James heard me out, and everything else flows from there.

I don't say this enough--This is a great house. I love magazines, and they're falling down everywhere. It's an honor to be a soldier in the fight to save long-form journalism. It's an honor to have James Bennet as a general. Grab your shield. But before you do, grab a subscription. We need you.