Confusing Fantasy Football With Actual Football

Mike Wilbon on Danny Snyder:

The Washington Redskins, according to Forbes magazine's tracking of the value of NFL franchises, is the second-richest club among the 32 in the league. The Redskins were first last year, and if it wasn't for the Cowboys moving into that brand new stadium, the Redskins would be first again. You know which team leads the league in operating income by an impossibly wide margin? The Washington Redskins. That, boys and girls, starts with ownership, with Daniel Snyder specifically. Snyder, when it comes to generating income, is the best in the game.

Snyder, when it comes to getting his team to win football games, is closer to the bottom of the league. That, too, starts with ownership.

I think Jerry knows a little bit more about football than Snyder, but not enough. He's not really seeing Ozzie Newsome or Bill Polian. The sooner both these guys realize it, the better. It's great that the team is profitable. I guess. It'd be better if we didn't live down to expectations.

I think I'm still smarting from that Giants loss. All that pomp and circumstance and such a sloppy product on the field. I felt like I was watching someone go on a shopping spree with the rent money. Ugh.