You Lie Pt. 2

I think a lot of us see a racial angle in a white South Carolina congressman yelling at the President and interrupting his speech to the nation. I'm not prepared to go there. Knowing this country, it's history, and some of South Carolina's particular history, I have my suspicions. But I hate these arguments in which we try to go back and forth over a contention, that's basically unprovable.

What would have happened if Obama was white? The truth is, I don't know. I think we get baited into these debates by people who speak about the black/white divide in a manner that shows a basic ignorance of American history. History chastens us all. And when you see people speaking as if problems integral to the very origins of this country, problems which we compounded over the course of two centuries, should basically be solved in a half of a century, it leads you to speculate.

But the fact is that we aren't mind-readers. Let's stick with what we know, and say the dude did something incredibly stupid. His motivations are between him and his God. He has to sleep with himself at night--not us. He must pay his own debts.