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Someone had to complete the trifecta of rudeness begun by Congressman Joe Wilson and Serena Williams. At the MTV Video Music Awards last night, Kanye West interrupted Taylor Swift, the winner of this year's best female video, to register his objection. "Beyoncé had one of the best videos of all time," he blurted into the microphone.

Will Kanye apologize, as did Wilson and Williams? Was he right, no matter his delivery? The blogosphere greets the latest outburst.

  • Sorry, but I Was Still Right, says Kanye West in a blog post that was later taken down. But he didn't seem to regret it. "I gave my awards to Outkast when they deserved it over me....That's what it is!!!!!!! Am not crazy ya'll I'm just real."
  • Kanye Need Not Apologize, says Choire Sicha at the Daily Beast. Sicha rushes to West's defense by arguing that the entire awards show was a disappointment to the audience and if anything was memorable, it was West's behavior towards Taylor Swift. Responding to the immediate outburst against Kanye at the ceremony and on the internet, Chira asks, "When did America get so fussy and uptight?"
  • Inspired by Joe Wilson, comments conservative blogger Ann Althouse. "Kanye West, like Joe Wilson, had to say what he knew to be true right when he saw the bright, shining truth of it... Joe Wilson could not wait until Obama had gone through to the end of his extended remarks, and Kanye West could not allow Taylor Swift to speak uninterrupted minute."
  • Kanye's Next Step: "Jackass Hall of Fame," predicts Hot Air blogger Allahpundit. But Allahpundit does not hesitate to salute Kanye for his accomplishment: "In this season of political turmoil, Americans are finally united in hatred of his pure, preening douchebaggery. No small accomplishment."

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