Or not. Here's an NPR story, quoting yours truly, on whether we should use the word retard. I always wonder whether if, in high school, I could have seen my present self, I would have been pleased. And then today, I listened to this piece in which I say, in no uncertain terms, "I think nigger is a fine word," and I knew that high school me would have approved.

As for "retard," I don't really get the big deal. If you're a member of a particular group, and I use a word, which references your group, and you, in good faith, tell me you find it offensive, then I'll stop using it. I don't understand people who are out waging war over their right say things like "That's so gay" or "Stop acting retarded." My question is always, why is it so important to you? Why do you need to say it?

I think there's a case for clumsiness. "Intellectual Disabilities," for instance, is cumbersome. But I actually prefer "disabled" to "handicapped." And I like "black" better than "African-American" because black, sounds bad-ass. But then I like "Negro," because it's funny. And, of course, "nigger," when said by the right people, because of it's variety. I don't know what I'd do without "Nigger, please" or "Nigger, what?" or of course my favorite absurd Raekwon line, "All my Spanish niggers love us..."

Anyway, cue the Chris Rock...I generally agree, it's got to be in the song...